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Reviews for Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest:

"Eric Shuster's "Catholic Roots Mormon Harvest," will appeal to Catholics as much as it will interest members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints… The decades he spent as a non-Mormon give Shuster a distinctive vernacular, though, that gives even the most well-known doctrines a fresh makeover.”
Deseret News

"Please, LDS presses, no more conversion stories! Well, maybe one or two more, so long as they¹re as good as this one is! Shuster has penned a remarkable meditation on what it meant to be Catholic, and what it now means to be Mormon. He¹s done his homework.”
(Jeff Needle, Association for Mormon Letters)

“Eric Shuster’s book has enough answers to cover all the bases. It is beautifully written – concise, straightforward, personal, and heartfelt. I give it ten out of ten from every aspect, and recommend it to anyone with a sincere desire to find truth. “
(Anne Bradshaw, Award Winning Author)

“Eric puts forth the most complete comparison of Catholicism and Mormonism that I have ever seen, providing ample references as well as his thoughts and commentary on 40 doctrines and practices. An excellent resource for all honest truth seekers.”
(John Webster, LDS Resources)

Reader Comments for Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest:

"This book is just what I have sought for such a long time. I couldn’t put your book down after I started reading it, and now I have all of my questions answered. Bless you for spending the time, energy, and intellectual focus to create such a masterpiece."
Ellen Straley, Puyallup, Washington

"I personally feel such gratitude for the changes you are helping me make in my attitude. I have been taught, or at least reminded by you and by the spirit that everyone is a child of God, and the way you described your appreciation of the ceremony and the adornment related to Catholic worship has helped me realize that Catholics also have deep devotion, and dedication to their church and it has helped me. Thank you!"
Harry & Marge Gibbons, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I just wanted to let you know that your book is amazing! It is one of the best books I have read. It is so very well researched and it has taught me a lot of things about Catholicism that I did not know before (even though I was Catholic)."
Cristian Clavijo, Salt Lake City, Utah

Reviews for The Biblical Roots of Mormonism:

“This incredibly well-research guide provides fresh insights about the Bible as each page reveals a new connection to the Mormon beliefs. Perfect for believers, investigators, and skeptics alike, this book will inspire and astonish as it lays out the biblical foundation of Mormonism.”
(Anne Bradshaw, Award Winning Author)

“Latter-day Saint readers will be able to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible and how it supports their beliefs. Non-Mormon readers will discover how and why Latter-day Saints revere the Bible as the word of God. This book is a must read for anyone sincerely investigating the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, anyone wanting to learn more about the Mormons, and for any truth seekers.”
(Jeff Webster, LDS Resources)

“In the absence of a perfect tool for understanding the biblical roots of Mormonism, this volume stands tall in comparison to other, similar works. Its temperate, intelligent approach will be a great help to many. It isn’t the last word on this subject, but it’s certainly one of the best.”
(Jeffrey Needle, Association for Mormon Letters)

“This book was written at the perfect level for me, intelligent enough to teach me, but not so far over my head that I felt intimidated. Rather, I felt as though I'd been taken by the hand by two kindly Sunday School teachers and taken on an interesting journey through history.”
(Tristi Pinkston, award winning author)

Where are the Christians: The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion:

Where are the Christians: The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion will be released to the public on May 14, 2013 at which time reviews will begin to trickle into the public domain. Please return to this page shortly thereafter to read the reviews being generated.    |    |       Contact      Twitter    |    facebook    |    YouTube   |


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